Meet WMG Creative Director and CEO

Bill Shaker serves the Washington Marketing Group and The List Store as Chief Executive Officer and has been a mover and a shaker in creative and direct response marketing and strategic planning for more than 45 years.

A registered professional engineer, he is a graduate of the University of Southern California and holds an MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a Minor in Marketing from the University of Michigan.

He served as the chief industrial engineer for a company located near Death Valley, where he enjoyed driving his Ferrari race car on commutes to Los Angeles and then on to Michigan, where he pioneered direct mail grassroots lobbying campaigns.

Bill has been a car buff for as long as he can remember.


Author - Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment, passed by referendum in Michigan, and sponsored by a grassroots organization, which Shaker founded. His Amendment served as a model for several other states.
As a consultant to HUD, he originated the model for Free Enterprise Zones.
Gave Testimony to Senate Finance Committee, which was credited by Chairman Russell Long, and others, as a major factor in the defeat of Nixon’s Family Assistance Plan.

Successful plaintiff in a lawsuit against First Lady Hillary Clinton and her Health Care Task Force - Hillary and her healthcare czar blamed Shaker’s early direct mail for the defeat of her health plan (NYT 9/2 and 9/30/94).

Bill Shaker edited Electric Power Reform (University of Michigan), the pioneering reference book that laid groundwork for the deregulation of electric power. With a forward by the former Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic advisors, Dr. Paul McCracken, it resulted in allowing Dow Chemical to transmit power from a cheap source in Canada to Midland, MI.

Bill published and edited the Millennium edition of The Man of Galilee. The Man of Galilee sets out to prove the divinity of Jesus, while shattering the arguments of those who contradict his doctrines. This edition was distributed by Washington Marketing Group through Direct Mail.

Bill wrote the forward and served as executive editor for the Silver Bowl edition of Our Brother in Black, His Freedom and His Future. Originally published in 1881, the Silver Bowl edition was published to commemorate Haygood’s posthumous Silver Bowl award from the International Platform Association, an organization founded by Daniel Webster in 1831.

Bill will be publishing Haygood’s Rock in late 2023. Haygood’s Rock, a biographical novel, tells the story of educator Atticus Haygood, a Methodist bishop, president of Emory University, and a key figure in the building/financing of Black colleges in the South, known as the Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It exposes the ugly roots of white supremacism in America’s 19th-century South, through the voices of leading historical figures—North and South, black and white. The story of the Antebellum South, Civil War and its aftermath.





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