Samples of Our Work

The Washington Marketing Group has been designing award winning direct mail packages for 25 years. We often convert standard #10 direct mail letters into formats that break through the mail clutter, lifting response.

WMG-created Lift Top Mailers were utilized by the American Council for Health Care Reform to mobilize a nationwide effort of millions of citizens to defeat Hillary Clinton's destructive health care proposal, raising and spending some twenty million dollars in the campaign. This was a multimedia direct response effort, which employed direct mail, telefundraising and telelobbying, and TV and radio. Our Jumbo Self Mailers were dispatched by the Alan Keyes Presidential Campaign in a Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort in Iowa which resulted in a third place finish for the Ambassador and $500,000 in net campaign contributions from the GOTV effort; and our innovations continue to set new fundraising records for organizations such as NTLC, Border Security Tea Party, and the American Senior's Center.